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Brooke Williams Interview on TVNZ

As Lana in 'Shortland Street'

Spartacus and Legend of the Seeker fans alike are all atwitter over this latest interview with Ms. Williams, in which she states that she admires Craig Parker and aspires to be like him “in lady form.” The interview follows her increased popularity after appearing on Shortland Street.

Mr. Parker and Ms. Williams have done several theatre pieces together, as well as both appearing in Spartacus and Legend of the Seeker. You can view the transcript and watch the entire interview HERE

Source: TVNZ
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Brooke Williams will be returning as Aurelia in S2 of Spartacus

It is confirmed, Ms. Williams will be appearing in S2 of Spartacus. The credit now appears on her Auckland Actors CV, and you can see what appears to be her at 0:16 of the Spartacus S2 Trailer.

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Brooke Williams Interviewed on ZMTV

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Brooke Williams appears in music video “Myth Reducer” by the Sleeping Dogs.

‘Myth Reducer’ from Sleeping Dogs debut album available now on itunes, or bandcamp – Screencaps from the video will be available soon.

A note on site updates: I’ve been unable to maintain the site much recently, but will try to bring it up to date in the next two months.


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Site Updates

Elena and Van

The Elena Character Page has been updated and is now current with Season 6 of Outrageous Fortune.

New pictures have been added to the albums on the Pictures Page. See the Pictures Page for which albums have been updated. Special thanks to Dan for providing some images and info.

Romeo and Juliet

Ms. Williams has gotten “Best of Theatre 2010” and “Outstanding Performance” in the NZ Herald Best of Theatre Awards for Romeo and Juliet. There will be a post once I have gathered more info.

More updates are coming! Thank you for being patient!


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A Letter from Brooke Williams

Several months ago, I sent Ms. Williams a letter. To my delight, she has replied! There is a lovely handwritten card, and several autographed pictures of various characters, including Jennsen, Aurelia, and Juliet.

Autographed - Romeo & Juliet

You can view a gallery of the things she sent here: Package from Brooke Williams

Also, a general notice: I will be unable to do much work on the site for the next few weeks, but I have some new screen caps and info from Outrageous Fortune that will be posted when I have time.


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