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aurelia brooke behind the scenes

Behind the scenes of Spartacus

Just gotten word via Twitter that Brooke will not be appearing in the Spartacus prequel, but they are not certain whether or not she will be appearing in S2 of Spartacus: Blood and Sand at this time.

If you want to see Brooke Williams in S2, you should politely let them know.

Tweet from spartacus_starz:

Starz Entertainment spartacus_starz

@brookefanpage Not sure for S2 at this time. Will not be for GotA. No Varro, no Aurelia.


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Welcome to the Brooke Williams Unofficial Fan Page. This page is owned and maintained by a fan who has collected information about the wonderful New Zealand actress, Brooke Williams. For photos of the week, follow the Unofficial Facebook Fan Page. All images and content copyright to appropriate parties. No infringement intended.
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