Possible new projects: Spartacus, Dog Sees God, Outrageous Fortune.

brooke williams aurelia


Spartacus: Gods of the Arena

We had previously reported that Ms. Williams would not be playing Aurelia in the prequel based on a tweet we received from @spartacus_starz. It looks like that may have changed – Ms. William’s Auckland Actors CV has been updated, and includes a credit for the prequel. We’re not sure at this time whether she is being credited for footage that has already been shot for the episodes that will be marginally used in the prequel, or if she will have a role as Aurelia in the prequel. We’ve sent some inquiries, and you will know as soon as we do.

Dog Sees God:

There is some confusion as to whether Ms. Williams will be performing in this play. She is not listed on the playbill of the venue’s website, nor is it listed on her updated CV, but she is mentioned in this article.

Again, you’ll know as soon as we do.

Outrageous Fortune:

Ms. Williams’ updated CV credits her as playing a character named “Elena” in one or more episodes of the final season of this New Zealand dramedy. We’re collecting information right now, and will present a post as soon as we are able!

Sources: Auckland Actors , @spartacus_starz , Scoop Article
Special thanks to Dave for providing links to articles.

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