A Letter from Brooke Williams

Several months ago, I sent Ms. Williams a letter. To my delight, she has replied! There is a lovely handwritten card, and several autographed pictures of various characters, including Jennsen, Aurelia, and Juliet.

Autographed - Romeo & Juliet

You can view a gallery of the things she sent here: Package from Brooke Williams

Also, a general notice: I will be unable to do much work on the site for the next few weeks, but I have some new screen caps and info from Outrageous Fortune that will be posted when I have time.


About brookewilliamsfanpage

Welcome to the Brooke Williams Unofficial Fan Page. This page is owned and maintained by a fan who has collected information about the wonderful New Zealand actress, Brooke Williams. For photos of the week, follow the Unofficial Facebook Fan Page. All images and content copyright to appropriate parties. No infringement intended.
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One Response to A Letter from Brooke Williams

  1. cat says:

    i know brooke, she is so nice in real life like so sweet. and she smells gooood

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