Brooke’s Bio


Hair: Brown – Dark
Eyes: Blue
DOB: 1984


Height: 5’5″ / 166cm
Bust:: 32.3″ / 82 cm
Waist: 25.2″ / 64 cm
Shoe size: 6 1/2 – 7 USA  / 37 European

Brooke’s favourite theatre credits include The Cherry Orchard at the Court Theatre, Shakespeare’s The Tempest with the Peripeteia players at Hawke Sea Scout Hall in Cox’s Bay (on the sea!) and Mr Marmalade at Bats Theatre for which she was awarded the 2009 Chapman Tripp Award for Most Promising Female Newcomer. Ms. Williams received the NZ Herald Best of Theatre Awards for “Most Outstanding Performance” and “Best of Theatre” in 2010 for her appearance as Juliet in Romeo and Juliet.  In a 2011 interview, Ms. Williams stated that Craig Parker is the actor she admires the most, saying “He’s so talented, so generous and so funny and he has this wonderful ability to make everyone feel comfortable and happy. I aspire to be like him.  In lady form.” In an August 2011 interview, she also stated that she would like a gaggle of teacup piglets as pets, and that her friends, who are mostly other actors, are very important to her.

Screen work includes Go Girls, Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Legend of the Seeker, Outrageous Fortune and the upcoming feature films Predicament and Ice.


Last updated: 9.07.11

4 Responses to Brooke’s Bio

  1. David says:

    You are Godess, you are the most beatiful girl in the world. Brooke Williams you are very very beatiful, be very happy

  2. Tony says:

    Does Brooke Williams live in New Zealand?

    I saw her in a series.


    • Hi Tony!

      Ms. Williams is on the move because of her acting career, but she is from New Zealand and mostly based there. She attended acting school there and has been in several NZ based series.

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