Character: Mary Warren

brooke williams crucible

Brooke Williams played Mary Warren in the Auckland Theatre Company production of The Crucible in 2007.

Mary Warren:

Mary Warren is a young woman in Salem who accuses various townsfolk of witchcraft, and is eventually accused of it herself.

brooke williams crucible


The play:

Arthur Miller’s The Crucible is set in Salem, Massachusetts and is inspired by real events that took place there in 1692 when the small Puritan community was devastated by a mass hysteria brought on by youngwomen ‘crying out’ the names of hundreds of respected citizens as witches. Nineteen people (men, women and children) were eventually hanged for crimes they did not commit following a series of relentless witchcraft trials.

Source: Auckland Theatre Teacher’s Pack

brooke williams crucible

A review in the New Zealand Herald had this to say:

“The Crucible’s 23-strong ensemble cast showcases the depth and breadth of talents in Auckland…Some of New Zealand’s most talented newcomers round out this cast, including … Brooke Williams, Ellen Simpson as Abigail Williams and Shortland Street‘s reformed bad girl Emily Robins.”

->Read the whole review

Catch a glimpse of Brooke as Mary Warren in this clip from The Crucible!


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