Character: Molly Rivers

molly rivers brooke williams

Molly Rivers takes Margot Mason hostage

Brooke Williams played Molly Rivers in the Auckland Theatre production of The Female of the Species.

Molly Rivers: Molly Rivers is an angry, gun-toting young feminist who takes Margot Mason, a feminist writer, captive in Margot’s country home. Molly blames Margot for brainwashing Molly’s mother with her book The Cerebral Vagina. Following Margot’s advice, Molly’s mother gave Molly away as a baby so that she wouldn’t be enslaved by motherhood and then killed herself. Molly has had herself sterilized to preserve her creativity, only to be told by Margot that she has no talent.

Source: Wikipedia
brooke williams female of the species

Debating Margot's worth

The play:

The Female of the Species is based on a real life incident endured by Germaine Greer.

Fashionably famous feminist author Margot Mason has always been deadlier and cleverer than any male. But when she’s held hostage in her country home, her comfortable life spirals hilariously out of control.

Throughout the play, Margot’s worth as an  author and a human is questioned and discussed by various characters, starting with disgruntled Molly Rivers. Margot’s daughter Tess later arrives, exhausted from her house full of children. Margot has accused Tess of throwing her life away to embrace the role of housewife. Tess agrees that her mother should be shot. Tess’s sensitive stockbroker husband, Bryan also arrives to debate the virtues of Margot’s best-sellers, her inconsistent philosophy, and her inability to “mother”. Even a macho taxi driver (Frank) and her flamboyantly gay publisher (Theo) comment on Margot’s feminist failings.

molly rivers brooke williams gun

Angry young gun toting feminist

Sources: Auckland Theatre, Wikipedia

A review in the New Zealand Herald had this to say:

“Brooke Williams proves again that she is one to watch with her strong showing as the angry young feminist Molly Rivers.”

->Read the whole review

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Brooke was interviewed over the radio about her role in The Female of the Species:

Listen to the interview

Special thanks to: Dan for helping me find this link.

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  1. This a fabulous post and may be one that is followed up to see how things go

    A friend mailed this link the other day and I will be excitedly waiting your next write-up. Continue on the fantastic work.

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