Fan Media

Fan Made Media Based on Brooke’s Characters

*Note: This page will be updated as more links are located. This site does not support or host RPF.

Multiple Characters


76 Brooke Williams Icons by pristineungift.



Recovering Honor by homicidalmommy Aurelia has lost her husband but not her resolve. She will do whatever is necessary to complete the task her Varro left unfinished. Just a quick, two chapter prelude to my next fic, surrounding episode 13. R&R, s’il vous plait! Aurelia/Varro. Rated PG-13.


Coming Soon



Threatened Hospitality by crazyshipper15 “You’re alive,” my breath caught in my throat, “Oh, thank the spirits, you’re alive!” He was pale and as still as a dead man, but he was breathing and I felt his heartbeat under my hands. Rated PG.

Run for Your Life by crazyshipper15 Richard and Jensen are running away from a group of D’Haran soldiers. Rated PG.

Bitter Pills in Sugar Coating by fembuck Denna failed with Richard, she not going to make the same mistakes with Jennsen. Denna/Jennsen, femslash. Rated R.

Only When I Stop to Think About It by Ivanolix – Jennsen returns alone to her home to find an impossible situation waiting her. For [info]pristineungift and her awesome picspam of these two – sorry I didn’t get to the good stuff in this part, but the plotbunny took over my brain and I don’t have time to finish the rest at this moment. So here’s a taste for now, and more will be coming, I promise. Jennsen/Denna. Rated PG-13.

Castle in the Air by pristineungift/PristinelyUngifted AU, at the end of “Fever” Jennsen escapes with two of the Boxes of Orden before Richard realizes she’s gone. She returns to her ‘benevolent’ brother Darken Rahl, and begins her life as his sequestered sister. Lies. Family. Love. Jennsen/Dahlia Rahl/Cara. Rated PG-16.

Embracing Chains by pristineungift/PristinelyUngifted AU. Between “Fever” and “Marked.” Jennsen is captured and trained by the Mord’Sith. She becomes Cara’s particular pet. What happens when Cara leaves the temple to join the Seeker, leaving Jennsen behind? What happens when they find each other again? Cara/Jennsen. Rated PG-14.

Kitten by pristineungift/PristinelyUngifted Response to vorquellyn’s prompt, “Jennsen encounters a Mord’Sith for the first time after Rahl takes her in.” Spoilers “Fever.”

Sleeping Dragons by pristineungift/PristinelyUngifted Response to 16beckyb’s prompt: “In the “Unbroken” AU Richard rules with the Power of Orden and Darken serves him. But under that serene, happy exterior what is he REALLY thinking up until the boxes get seperated?” Gen fic. Jennsen, Darken Rahl, Richard.

Son of Blood by pristineungift/PristinelyUngifted Part II of The Blood Trilogy. Darken Rahl has an empire to reclaim. Kahlan Amnell has a rule of law to restore. “Should the Mother Confessor betray the Son of Blood, the world will fall, all magic erased.” Darken/Cara, Richard/Kahlan, Jennsen/Mord’Sith. Rated PG-13.

Wounded Heart by tinylexie Darken Rahl’s thoughts and feelings towards Jennsen in “Fever.” Rated PG.

Ungifted by usually mostly innocent “You’re alive,” my breath caught in my throat, “Oh, thank the spirits, you’re alive!” He was pale and as still as a dead man, but he was breathing and I felt his heartbeat under my hands. Rated PG.


Coming Soon

If you know of any fan media that isn’t listed on this page, feel free to leave a comment suggesting it.


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