Character: Jennsen

Jennsen smile

"When you smile, right around the eyes, you look just like our mother."

Brooke Williams is well known for her portrayal of Jennsen in Legend of the Seeker.

In the Television Show:

Jennsen Rahl is the full sister of Richard Rahl and the half sister of Darken Rahl. She and Richard have the same mother, but all three share the same father, Panis Rahl.

She is first introduced in season one of Legend of the Seeker, because she is ‘pristinely ungifted,’ meaning that magic has no power over her. Darken Rahl sends Denna, one of his followers, to get Jennsen so that she can be used to retrieve the third Box of Orden, a magical artifact that will give him great power. The tables are turned when Denna and Jennsen are intercepted by Richard, the show ending with Jennsen’s daring journey into Darken Rahl’s inner sanctum to steal the Boxes of Orden already in his possession. Jennsen later appears in two more episodes where her relationships with her brothers are further explored. In “Fever” in particular, Ms. Williams delivers a powerful performance.

Jennsen with Box

"When she has a head start, I'll give you the box!"

Source: Written by webmistress.


In the Sword of Truth Novels:

Jennsen Rahl is the pristinely ungifted half-sister of Richard Rahl and daughter of Darken Rahl. She spends most of her life fleeing her father, Darken Rahl, because of his desire to kill anyone who is born pristinely ungifted. After the death of her mother, she is tricked by the Imperial Order into thinking that Richard also wants to kill her, and fights against him for a time.

She eventually learns the truth and becomes a representative of the House of Rahl, aiding her brother in various quests.

Jennsen is described as a woman of twenty with brilliant red hair that often leads people to assume she is a witch. Having been on the run her entire life, she has sense for her surroundings and is handy with a knife. She is kindhearted, but does not trust easily.

Source: Sword of Truth Wiki


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