76 Brooke Williams Icons

A Brooke Williams fan has created 76 Brooke Williams icons of various characters.

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Seeker Save Sing A Long – Authentic Jennsen Costume

Seeker Fans around the world unite to Save Our Seeker! Video features fan dressed as Jennsen, who is wearing the authentic costume that Brooke Williams wore in the show!

(If you want to see close ups of the costume, they are available on our FaceBook page)
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Spartacus S2 Official Trailer

Brooke Williams may or may not be appearing as Aurelia in S2

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Predicament Opens!

brooke williams margot predicament

Predicament opened the past week in New Zealand. First came the red carpet opening, followed by the film being released in theatres all over the country. According to a tweet

brooke williams screams

from @Predicamentfilm, Brooke Williams had plans to attend the Hawera red carpet opening, though the fan page has yet to locate any clips or pictures of her at the event.

See what some movie goers have said.

Sources: Predicament Facebook page, Taranaki
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Seeker Fans Continue to Seek more “Seeker”

jennsen brooke cut lip

The Save Our Seeker campaign has made the news!

Here is a link to the article

Just a reminder that fans are still seeking Seeker! We still may have a chance to see Brooke play Jennsen again. Want to get involved?

Just click on the video to be redirected to youtube to see the submission guidelines.

Go to www.saveourseeker.com for more ways to Save Our Seeker!

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Predicament Premiere – New Margot Stills

brooke margot bramwell

The second wife of Mr. Bramwell.

Brooke Williams will be appearing at the Predicament premiere this Friday according to a tweet the Brooke Fan Page got from @Predicamentfilm. We’ll be on standby to scrounge up some pics and hopefully vids of Brooke attending the event, but until then enjoy the new stills of Margot Bramwell.

Tweet from @Predicamentfilm:

Predicamentfilm @brookefanpage #Brookewilliams will be at #predicament red carpet premiere in Hawera this Friday.

margot bramwell brooke williams full

Beautiful costume

The Predicament website has released some behind the scenes footage and will release more as it gets closer to the premiere. Go to their website to watch.

The Predicament team is also traveling throughout New Zealand, so if you’re a kiwi, check their schedule to see when they’ll be in a town near you.

Source: Predicament Website
brooke williams margot bramwell

Margot gets a little too comfy with her step-son.

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Spartacus News – Aurelia

aurelia brooke behind the scenes

Behind the scenes of Spartacus

Just gotten word via Twitter that Brooke will not be appearing in the Spartacus prequel, but they are not certain whether or not she will be appearing in S2 of Spartacus: Blood and Sand at this time.

If you want to see Brooke Williams in S2, you should politely let them know.

Tweet from spartacus_starz:

Starz Entertainment spartacus_starz

@brookefanpage Not sure for S2 at this time. Will not be for GotA. No Varro, no Aurelia.

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