Character: Aurelia


Brooke Aurelia

"Where were you, Varro?"

Brooke Williams is well known for her portrayal of Aurelia in Spartacus: Blood and Sand.


She is the wife of Varro and has a son with him. She first appears in the series when Varro writes a letter to her, asking

her to visit him. The meeting does not go well, leading to Aurelia leaving the city to live with relatives in the country. She is later reconciled with Varro, and joins him at theludus. Through certain series events, she becomes a slave to Batiatus and blamesSpartacus for her misfortunes. In the series finale, she escapes with other slaves. The meaning of the name “Aurelia” is “golden” or “golden one.”

For more specific details, see the source link. Be mindful of spoilers.

aurelia brooke he was mine

"He was mine!"

Source: Spartacus: Blood and Sand Wiki


See Brooke in an Episode Preview

It is confirmed that Ms. Williams will be returning as Aurelia in S2. She appears to be in the S2 trailer at 0:16. You can watch it HERE.

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