Character: Wanda

Brooke Williams Wanda

Brooke Williams played Wanda in the New Zealand sitcom Go Girls, appearing in three episodes.


Described by the writer of the series as “Kevin’s bonk buddy – Wanda the mad fairy” Wanda is the classic crazy girlfriend. She meets the male lead of the show in “Doing the Right Thing” and they fall into a ‘casual’ relationship – only Wanda doesn’t really think it’s casual. Over the course of three episodes, she gets progressively crazier, claiming such things as “Fairies are real… and I am one. Shhhh!” The final episode in which Wanda appears begin with the male lead locked outside of Wanda’s house in his underwear.

brooke williams go girls fairy

"Fairies are real... and I am one. Shhh!!"

Source: Go Girls Writer’s Blog

The show:

Go Girls is a New Zealand comedy/drama television series centering around four adult friends, Amy, Britta, Cody and Kevin, who live on the North Shore, Auckland. Dissatisfied with their lives, they make challenging promises to each other that they endeavour to fulfill throughout the series.

The series began with its first episode airing February 19th 2009 TV2 in New Zealand. It has also been screened in Australia, with the first episode screening August 8th 2009, right after So You Think You Can Dance on Network Ten. It was successful enough that it was renewed for a second season.

brooke williams wanda and kevin

The second season finished airing in New Zealand on June 17th 2010. The season saw huge audience growth and consistently dominated its time slot and on May 6th 2010 it was renewed for a third season, which will begin production later on in 2010 and will air in 2011.

The show was created by Rachel Lang, responsible for the popular Outrageous Fortune television series, and Gavin Strawhan (Burying Brian). The two are responsible for the writing of the show, along with Kate McDermott.

Source: Wikipedia

The New Zealand Herald reviewer said about Go Girls:

brooke wanda

“It has not only restored my faith in television and womankind, but it made me laugh out loud in the process” and another reviewer from the same paper said “It looks good for alaugh provided by a set of appealing Shore girl characters.”

Source: Wikipedia


Follow this link for a vid of Brooke in an episode promo

She gets in a cat fight while wearing a fairy costume!

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  1. Dan Lefrancois says:

    If anyone outside of New Zealand would like to see Wanda, you can purchase “Go Girls Season 1” on DVD from, They also have “Kissy Kissy” available.

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