Character: Elena

Brooke Williams debuted as Elena in episode 13 of season 6 of Outrageous Fortune on October 5, 2010.


Elena first appears in a life drawing class which Van mistaken ly attends in place of his small business class. Elena is the nude model for the class, and Van immediately becomes fascinated with her. Elena cannot “speak English so good,” th ough she seems to return Van’s affection. She is almost afraid of the man who continually comes to pick her up in a construction truck, saying quickly “I must go.” Throughout the rest of the season, Elena is developed as Van’s love interest. See the episode links for more details.

Though she has few lines, due to her character not speaking English, Ms. Williams delivers an entertaining and nuanced performance, as always.

An album of Elena pictures is now available on the Pictures page.

Source: Written by webmistress.


The Show:

Outrageous Fortune is a New Zealand comedy/drama television series, which was created by James Griffin and Rachel Lang and is produced by South Pacific Pictures. It began airing its sixth and final season in New Zealand on July 13, 2010, making it the longest-running drama made in New Zealand.

The central plot is that a family of criminals decide to go straight after the patriarch is jailed. Like the show itself, episodes take their names from Shakespeare quotations. The main characters each walk a fine line between right and wrong according to their respective values – the law, the criminal code of honour, loyalty to family, and respectability.

Source: Wikipedia article

Click here to watch episode 13

Season 6 of Outrageous Fortune is now available on dvd.

Special Thanks: Dan for info and pictures.

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